The Efficiency Trap

When trying something new, most people understand they are going to suck. In order to get better, we have come to terms that consistent, dedicated practice is required. A popular rule of thumb is Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a master in a given domain, so it says. Not all practice is created equal though, and there are many productivity experts

Implementing a Member Recognition Program At Equinox

Every day across the 100 (and counting!) Equinox Fitness locations our members perform hundreds of thousands of user events, including facilities check-ins and participation in Personal Training, Pilates and Group Fitness classes. We love when they enjoy our facilities and services, getting one step closer to reaching their fitness goals.

Scaling AWS Redshift Concurrency with Postgres

On the surface, it would appear there is not much similar between Redshift—AWS’s cloud data warehouse service launched in 2012—and Postgres—one of the most popular open source databases first introduced in 1989. One is optimized for analytic workloads (Redshift); the other performs better when requests come as frequent, small transactions (Postgres). One is proprietary, one is open-source. One has a vertical data storage model, the other horizontal…